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Hello Friends!
     The Trout Lake Club has been a family owned and operated resort in the Adirondacks since 1924.  We have 62 summer cottages on the property including 44 house keeping cabins which are rented each summer.  Our idea at the Trout Lake Club family vacation resort is built around the idea of providing a complete vacation that the entire family can enjoy.  We are a pet friendly resort and welcome families to bring pets along to enjoy the vacation. With our driveway being a half mile long we like to encourage people to escape into a part of the Adirondacks that can provide a relaxing retreat. 
    Trout Lake is a spring-fed lake one and one-half miles long, three-quarter miles wide, nestled in the southern Adirondack Mountains.We are located about 10 miles north west of Lake George Village, and about a 10 minute drive to town of Bolton Landing.

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