Trout Lake Club


Trout Lake Club provides nightly entertainment in our Community House and multiple activities to occupy the day.
Our activities are:
Daily                                                                                                                                       Rentals:
-Tennis- tournament on Mondays                                                            40HP motor boats by Chics Marina: call for pricing
-Swimming- square dock and float on a lifeguarded beach                     Aluminum boat for small motor: $150.00
-Rowboats- free , first come, first serve                                                        Sailboats (Sunfish): $125.00/week
-Horseshoes -tournament on Tuesdays                                                        Paddleboards: $5.00 for the hour
-Ping Pong                                                                                                         Kayaks: $5.00 for the hour
-Hiking in the Adirondacks
-Swim Races on certain weeks

Nightly in Community House  
                                                                                           Snack Bar: cash or cottage account
-Monday: Square Dance                                                                                                   Basic food from the Grill or Fryer
-Tuesday: Ping Pong Tournament                                                                                  Ice Cream/Ice pops
-Wednesday: Bingo                                                                                                           Candy
-Thursday: Varies                                                                                                              Breakfast (pancakes or French toast)
-Friday: Double Feature Movie                                                                                        Ice
                                                   ** As of now Trout Lake Club is cash or check**

    We also offer other activities through neighboring businesses such as:
     Golf at Cronins Golf Resort in Warrensburg
     Horseback Riding at Saddle Up Riding Stables in Lake George

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